What is Winecraft?

At Gourmet Traveller WINE, one of the questions we are most frequently askedby those considering a trip to a wine region is which cellar doors should I visit? In response, three years ago, GT WINE introduced the annual Cellar Door Awards flagging the best wineries to visit region by region.

But, it soon became apparent that we needed to take things a step further and provide comprehensive itineraries for anyone about to head for wine country - not forgetting that besides tasting plenty of excellent wine you also want to know where to eat, find a good cup of coffee and where to stay- plus possibly explore any other attractions the region has to offer.

Winecraft has been custom designed to provide all of the above and more. Our team of trusty experts give the heads up on how you can make the very best of every wine region in the country, whether you wish to visit premium, state of the art wineries or tiny, off the beaten track producers.

You can choose to follow our suggested itineraries to the tee, or you can have fun curating your own using the information on the site.

Australia’s wine regions have a wealth of diverse and wonderful experiences to offer, so jump in a start planning your trip. It couldn’t be easier.

You may at any time contact us by emailing hello@winecraft.com